Are you taking your business online? – Six steps to effective pricing

As a result of the recent restrictions, many businesses have, for the first time, switched their focus to online sales. Whilst this has opened up many new opportunities it has also posed greater challenges, one being pricing. Many business owners already struggle with the difficulties of pricing. In some cases, setting prices by their competition … Continue reading

Top tips for improving profit

The fundamentals of improving business profitability comes down to five key factors: Reducing costs Increasing turnover Improving efficiency Increasing productivity Innovation and development. In light of the current crisis, it is worth considering some top tips for improving profitability. Cost management  Carefully managing and reducing your input costs plays a key role in improving profitability, … Continue reading

Managing Cash

As businesses look to rebuild and recover from the trading challenges of COVID-19 in the coming weeks and months it is vitally important that they manage and maintain good cash flow to ensure they remain viable and can trade. To manage cash flow effectively, businesses need to be able to forecast how they will perform. … Continue reading